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ZoomInfo Public API Termination

ZoomInfo will be ceasing support of the Mashery Public API platform that you currently utilize and will terminate the service by end of year.  ZoomInfo has determined that the program is not consistent with its business model, and that the reduced data set the platform provides access to misrepresents the breadth and depth of Zoom’s company and people information.   


ZoomInfo does provide its revenue generating partners with a REST Partner API with full access to the ZoomInfo data set and without a pre-defined daily usage limit.  However, with the termination of the Mashery platform, ZoomInfo will no longer be providing access to its data set at no cost.


Should you want to learn more about ZoomInfo’s formal partner program, please click here, enter your information, and a member of the ZoomInfo business development team will contact you to discuss your requirements.



Thank you,


The ZoomInfo Team 

Paging for Faster Performance

Paging exists in the API and isn't documented. There are undocumented paging parameters 'page' and 'rpp' for the company detail, person detail and company competitor queries. The 'page' parameter stands for the page offset, with 1 for the first page, 2 for the second and so forth. The 'rpp' parameter stands for requests per page.

A typical scenario is to page 10 results at a time. The request parameters would look something like this:

&page=1&rpp=10 for the first ten results 1 - 10
&page=2&rpp=10 for the next ten results 11 - 20

Most end users only can digest 10 - 20 results visually at a time, so requesting more isn't helping them out and in fact is slowing down how long they wait to get results.

So, some of you are probably asking, why is this important? Three reasons. The first is that it really improves the user experience--fewer results means much snappier response times. The second is that it really decreases the load on our servers and that makes us happy ;) The third is that once everybody gets in the habit of paging, we can increase the number of results that can be paged.

Feel free to follow up with comments in the forum.



Easy To Get Started

Shortly after taking on the API I realized how difficult it was to authenticate. The point of the API is ... well .. to make all of our great work available to support your efforts to build great applications.

And the API should be easy to use.

So, we made it easier to authenticate. You only need to provide your key via the pc parameter.


Looking to shine?

Some of you may have some brilliant ideas and if you feel like a star with a great sense of humor and some superb skills to go along with it check out Jobs at ZoomInfo or contact Martin Burns, the Recruiting Manager.

and while you are coding and mashing up all kinds of cool things – don’t forget.. post your comments and questions!


Show off your <body>

Show off your <body>
As you put your mind and this API to work you could be stylin’ – well at least the first 100 of you that post a comment– as you rock the latest in ZoomInfo T-Shirts.
Just for being one of the first 100 to try out our API and post a comment, question or any feedback we will send you a free <body> t-shirt </body>, you will be the envy of all your friends – well that is unless they have one and you don’t!
So once you post something you will get an email from us asking for your address – not to stalk you – just so we can send your shirt over to you.
Take a look at the shirts!
You know you want one...

What’s new?

Hello all you ZoomInfo API Developers!

What’s new? It’s been a little over a month now, since we launched the new API and we've heard from several of you already, but we'd love to hear more about killer applications you're building with the API -- so post a comment and let us know.

We do want to make this information as useful for you as possible – so your feedback in invaluable to us as we grow and constantly improve this site.

Although the API has been up and running you may have noticed we have been making slight changes to the XML data being returned to you, now all of our changes are complete… well sort of…
You may have also noticed the Company_competitors not working – the call is failing due to authentication issues. Check out the forum for more details on what you can do to use this call while we work on a patch release.

We want this resource center to cater to your needs -- so please share both your challenges and successes, and let us know if there are specific topics you'd like us to address!

So, happy coding and stay tuned for more…

It's here... the ZoomInfo Public API!

Many of you have been patiently waiting to integrate ZoomInfo data and search capabilities into your existing applications and sites, or to create new cool mashups with other existing APIs.

Well, your chance is finally here…

Let’s start with some basics… (For those of you that don’t already know.)

Who Are We?

ZoomInfo is a business information search engine with information on people and companies. Our database contains more than 37 million people and 3.5 million company profiles. You can use ZoomInfo for quick and easy access to in-depth information on industries, companies, people, products, services and jobs.

How Do We Do It?

Magic fairy dust that we manufacture right here in our own offices. Well…kind of. Our magic fairy dust is our semantic search engine, which employs Natural Language Processing and advanced algorithms. ZoomInfo crawls a specific portion of the internet that we call the Business Web - the millions of company websites, news feeds and other online sources -- identifies information on people, companies, products, services and industries and then organize this information into fresh, comprehensive, objective and easy-to-read profiles on a daily basis.

What the API does?

We created our API to give users access to ZoomInfo data in way that is easy to integrate into any application or website. Using our REST-based API, you are able to receive data to support, enhance, and find the descriptions of any company, business professional, and more. Your only limit is your imagination…and of course making sure you follow our Terms of Service and Branding Requirements. You can check out what some others, like Compete, Amazon A9 and Xing, have done with the beta version of this API in our Application Gallery.

Have Suggestions?

This is just the beginning for the ZoomInfo API. Over the following months, we will be rolling out updates and additions to the type of data and search capabilities that are available in the API.

But more importantly, we want to hear what you want. If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments go to our Forum and we will respond ASAP.

Getting Started…

You can sign up and get access to what you need right now.

If you are interested in using this information for commercial purposes please contact us at PartnerAPI@zoominfo.com.

We will keep you posted via this blog on any changes or updates on a regular basis…. So keep coming back as we shed more light into the world of the ZoomInfo API or subscribe to our feed.

Happy Coding!

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