Welcome to the ZoomInfo Developer API

The ZoomInfo Public API provides free access to ZoomInfo’s people database and company database that contain over 40 million people and nearly 4 million companies, respectively. The ZoomInfo people data and company data are accessed using a simple REST query API. The REST query API sits on a very fast search engine enabling efficient and immediate access to rich business information data. This rich business information data can be used to create compelling mashups that deliver real business value

To get started, read our Terms of Use and Branding Requirements and register for an API account.

Getting Started

Choose the following to get started using the ZoomInfo API.

About the ZoomInfo API

The ZoomInfo people search API gives you the ability to:

  • Search for any person in the ZoomInfo people database by name.

The ZoomInfo company search API gives you the ability to:

  • Search for any company in the ZoomInfo company database by name, domain, industry, keyword, geography, or company size.
  • Get detailed information such as description, industries, address, stock ticker, key people, mergers and acquisitions, and more.
  • Get a list of competitors for any company in the ZoomInfo company database.

If you need additional search capabilities or data on people or companies, please contact us at API@zoominfo.com.


We limit the number of requests so we can manage demand for the service to deliver the best performance. If you need a higher call limit, please contact us at API@zoominfo.com

  • Limit calls to 2,000 per day, per API key
  • Queries are limited to 1 Query Per Second (QPS)

Branding Requirements

While ZoomInfo provides the API for free, we require that you adhere to our branding requirements. Anywhere where you decide to display or use ZoomInfo data or search results, you must display a "Powered by ZoomInfo" logo. For graphics that you can use, please visit our Branding Requirements page.